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Ever since I was a little girl, I've been passionate about nature and environmental issues, so I ended up graduating in Biology and specialising in environmental studies (first with a post-graduation in Territory, Environment and Sustainable Development, and later with another post-graduation in Ecology and Environmental Management).



I have always wanted to become vegetarian, and I did so in the middle of 2012. That transition ended in the beginning of 2016, when I adopted a strict vegetarian diet, free of any animal product, for the sake of the environment, animals, my health and for believing in a sustainable future.

In order not to make a radical and uninformed transition that could have lead to nutritional deficiencies and/or health problems, I researched and studied beforehand how to make a balanced vegetarian diet before taking this step.


I have a plant-based, palm oil-free diet, specially with fresh and whole ingredients, and I try to adjust my behaviour and habits towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle with as less impact as possible.


I make most of my own household cleaning products, personal hygiene and cosmetics, with homemade and natural ingredients, to avoid harmful chemicals (to protect myself and the environment), to avoid the unnecessary acquisition of packaging and the production of trash, in order to try to diminish impact on the planet.


I give community priority instead of individualism, taking pleasure in the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences, because we are all in constant learning.

Why "wholly" Joana

WHOLLY for whole foods.

I eat mostly whole ingredients.

I try to have a conscious diet without being really overthink about it. Having the knowledge about what is good for me (and what is not) is half the battle to succeed in having a healthy, balanced diet.

WHOLLY for wholly me.

I want to share with you who I am, why I am like that and how I make it happen.

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