"You can't stop the waves,

but you can learn to surf."

- Jon Kabat-Zinn -

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

– The Bhagavad Gita -

Hatha Yoga

In Hatha Yoga we work the body to warm it up, to prepare it for the power and weight of transcendental realization, the spiritual evolution of the individual. Thus, during practice, the different muscles, tendons and joints are massaged, stretched and toned.

This practice not only improves physical health (arthritis, backache, posture, physical tiredness, some breathing and cardiovascular problems, for example), but also mental (stress reduction, insomnia and anxiety, and increased concentration, willpower) and self-confidence of the practitioner.


These classes consist of mantra, asana, pranayama and final relaxation.


  • Mantra - repetition of sounds and words to calm and arouse different states of mind;

  • Asana - psychophysical postures;

  • Pranayama - breathing techniques and control of prana  (vital energy present in all matter);

  • Final relaxation - induced relaxation.

Pranayama e Dhyana

Pranayama and Dhyana are two of the eight disciplines of Classical Yoga (Raja Yoga).

Pranayama is characterised by breathing techniques that, in addition to improving the oxygenation of our body, soothes and stabilises the mind and can serve as a preparation for practicing Dhyana, which is meditation.

The benefits of these practices are physical and mental, including:

- decreased stress, anxiety and tiredness;
- decrease in blood pressure;
- increased ability to concentrate and self-esteem;
- help in cases of insomnia;
- strengthens the immune system.


- Hatha Yoga class - 60 min - Individual 30€; Group 10€/person 

- Hatha Yoga Pack 5 classes - Individual 120€; Group 40€/person

- Pranayama e Dhyana session - 60 min - Individual 15€; Group 5€/person

- Pranayama e Dhyana Pack 5 sessions - Individual 60€; Group 20€/person



Group - more than 3 people

These prices can be adjusted according to the commute.

When contacted, the need for value adjustment will be verified.

Classes will be scheduled in advance according to the availability of both parties.

There is the possibility of cancellation and reschedule if it is given a 24 hour notice in advance.

Otherwise, there won't be a possibility of reschedule.

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